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Jen with exotic trees in Kauai, the garden isle of HawaiiTrees are our guardians, they provide us with oxygen, food, water, shelter, warmth. trees provide tree wisdomFind you totem tree, and your totem tree will help and support you as an individual as it whispers back to you ancient wisdom from the trees of the landLet's go travelling to an ancient time where trees grow hundreds of miles into the sky, connecting with stars and the energies surrounding the world.

Tree Wisdom
I am just putting out a few online group sessions (using zoom) during our hibernation time. These sessions are FREE
~~~~~~  "Have you ever wanted to go to an enchanted forest? Where unicorns reside and the daisy type flowers actually look at you?"
 No? Well maybe thats because you thought it wasn't possible.

However there is an enchanted world, and together we can explore a little part of it.

During our session you will be taken to a deep place of relaxation.  

Here we will connect with many different trees in the mystery of Nature.
Let's go travelling to an ancient time where trees grow hundreds of miles into the sky, connecting with stars and the energies surrounding the world.
At the foot of the trees is where the animals reside amongst plants that dance and flowers that sing.

~~~~~  Well, we all need a little magic don't we, to escape from the present everyday.

Come and explore how far you can go in your mind... I will guide you to discover your totem tree and hidden wisdoms from the plant kingdom.

Discover for yourself how deeply relaxed you can become and how connected we all are at our roots

... You enter this world at your own risk...

We start on Friday evening 22nd May 2020
Follow the link to eventbrite below
Any problems,

Following interest in our first session above, I have been asked to do more online group sessions via zoom...these continue to be free for those interested in learning more from trees and we will discover together how to 'give back' by recognising trees and acknowledging their importance to our well-being. 

Submerse yourself into our family of earthly trees, join in to find out how.
 (Note, If you prefer, you are welcome to sit in without any participation or even showing your face on the zoom screen, still happy to have you with us - you just join in 'without video' and you press 'mute')

Hug a tree at Midsummer, free online event to get you in deep communication with the trees of our planetPART II

Friday 19th JUNE 2020
7pm - 8pm
FEE: Hug a Tree 
(in your own time, before session or after, mentally or physically)

In this part II, we will start with a quick recap of accessing our totem tree, for the benefit of newcomers and re-establish connection for the others.

This time we will be Honouring the Midsummer 
Meet our Everlasting Family of Trees and discover Calmness and heart centred-ness through the wisdom of trees.
Learn how trees can help make us feel calm and show us the way to a peaceful and positive lifeBalance out negativity in your life with the Midsummer Trees and let the Sun Shine in !

If you'd like to experience this session via ZOOM please register your name and email and I'll put you on the invitation list